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Financial literacy for All
Interactive, fun and dynamic seminars for women in the Bay Area

We’re committed to educating women of all means because financial education helps people make better decisions. In our workshops, we teach financial and investing basics that everyone needs to know, and we make it fun as well as empowering. If you or your organization would like more information on any of our seminars, enter your information into the appropriate forms below or contact us here.

Customized Seminars for Bay Area Companies:

Financial Planning and Investing

Customized seminars for Bay Area companies are designed to meet increased demand for education on smart investing and financial planning strategies. Each presentation is tailored to address specific concerns of working women (and men) and is geared around each company’s specific benefits and programs.

The seminar includes:

  • Case study approach to explain financial planning concepts that directly apply to the audience.
  • Playing an investment game to help attendees understand how different investing styles can affect returns.
  • Discussion of appropriate savings amounts at different stages of life, investment types and approaches to meet goals and objectives.
60 - 90 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
Things to consider when making financial decisions and a basic understanding of investment options.
Who's it ideal for:
Anyone who is interested in financial security, setting financial goals and understanding how to reach them.

Personal Finance Basics for Women:

It’s not math class

This workshop is for women who want to gain a better understanding of their financial situation and options. It doesn’t have to be painful; we make money talk fun and engaging! We focus on the most important personal finance topics so that you walk away feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed.

We will cover:

  • The common financial pitfalls and barriers that women face.
  • How to calculate your Net Worth, and strategies to protect and grow it.
  • Important elements of financial planning that many women don’t include.
  • The most important factors to consider when choosing an investment advisor.
60 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
The foundations of financial literacy
Who's it ideal for:
Women and couples who want to learn the basics

Financial Risk for Women:

What you don't know can hurt you

There’s no avoiding risk when investing. Your tolerance for and understanding of financial risk plays a crucial role in creating an appropriate and wise investment strategy.

This workshop will help you understand:

  • How taking too little risk can hurt you just as much as taking too much risk.
  • How financial risk taking is different than other kinds of risk taking
  • Strategies for managing each type of financial risk.
  • How women differ from men in their approach to risk taking.

The elements that determine your ability to take financial risk (it’s more than risk tolerance!).

60 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
Clarity on your approach to risk and how it affects your financial well-being
Who's it ideal for:
Every woman investor

Investing 101:

Understanding how to build a financial plan that can work for you

You have lots of options for investing your money. How do you create a plan that will work best for you now and in the future? We’ll help you make sense of what you need to build an investment plan that works for you.

This workshop will help you understand:

  • The critical (and not always obvious) elements that go into investment planning.
  • How inflation can wreak havoc with your financial plan.
  • The importance of liquidity in your portfolio
  • Timing: how to use it to your advantage.
  • The relationship between risk and return.
60 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
Insight on how to build a good financial plan
Who's it ideal for:
Women and couples who want to take control of their financial future but aren't sure where to start or what to change

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket:

What asset allocation is right for you?

Did you know many people are biased in their investing? It’s easy to buy what’s familiar, but that may not get you the best long term returns. Learn how the right mix of investments can better support your goals.

We will cover:

  • Understanding the role of stocks and bonds in your portfolio
  • Mutual funds and ETFs: how they differ
  • The role of cash in a portfolio.
  • How these asset classes perform over time.
  • Building a portfolio with a strategic mix of assets.
60 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
A clear understanding of asset allocation
Who's it ideal for:
Women and couples who want to start investing or who want to better understand their current portfolios


The Last Frontier

Are you worried about outliving your money? This workshop gives you tools for managing withdrawal rates so that you can enjoy your retirement without fear of having to live on cat food or missing out by living too frugally.

We will cover:

  • The financial levers that affect your retirement choices.
  • Withdrawal rates: more vs. less?
  • Investment risk: the role of aggressiveness.

Retirement start date: sooner or later?

60 Minutes
What You'll Take away:
Clarity on your retirement choices
Who's it ideal for:
Anyone approaching retirement
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Investing involves risk including loss of principal. Investment strategies cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss in declining markets and may not be suitable for everyone. Presentations are informational and should not be considered as personalized investment advice or recommendations.

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