About 2x Wealth Group
OUr ApproachWhat Sets Us Apart

For Women BY Women

2X Wealth Group gives special attention to women because finance has been a man’s world for too long. We believe women’s financial needs are best understood by women with relatable life experiences and genuine financial expertise. We want to help women engage in the financial conversation whether they are single, married, widowed or divorced.

Focused on your best interest
Everything we recommend and do is aimed at your best interest. Our advice-based fee structure supports this concept. When we manage your fee-based account, we are not compensated from commissions on any trades we recommend. Because commissions can lead to conflicts of interest, we discourage clients from opening commission-based accounts.

Highly personal approach

We want to be able to know our clients well enough to consider them friends. There are no asset gatherers or salespeople here who don't manage portfolios. Instead our clients work directly with us, the investment professionals. Your personal values matter to us and we incorporate them into our planning. Our advice and investment management is totally individualized and tailored to each client’s unique needs, goals and situation.

Backed by a prestigious Wall Street firm
We chose to join Ingalls and Snyder, LLC, a highly respected investment management firm that has been serving high net worth clientele on Wall Street since 1924. Being a part of their family gives us direct access to their services and expert resources that help us stay in the flow and keep ahead of major market movements. Their infrastructure and support means that we can focus on what we love most and do best: working with and on behalf of our individual clients.