Financial Planning
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What to expect when you sit down with us
  • Getting to know you
    Our in-depth process includes a series of exercises to clarify your goals—short-term and long-term. We listen to your stories about your life and dreams to determine what’s important to you.Your assets aren’t just numbers, they represent your time, your plans, and your hopes for the people you care about.
  • Understanding Your Risk Tolerance
    Getting a good handle on risk tolerance is quite difficult. We use is a sophisticated financial personality tool to set the stage for a thoughtful conversation about your risk tolerance.
  • Building your Financial Plan
    We build a custom financial plan that supports your lifestyle and goals. We formulate personalized strategies for all areas of your financial life that start with where you are and create a path to where you want to be. We spend all the time you need to understand what we recommend and why.
  • Investment Management
    We will provide a portfolio that is broadly invested across different asset classes, that may incorporate a combination of no-load mutual funds, ETFs and direct stock and bond investments based on your goals and circumstances. We are unique in offering individual securities portfolio management for investors who prefer that approach.
    Stock Based Compensation (RSUs and Options)
    If you receive significant compensation in the form of options or company stock, we help you make decisions about exercising, selling and reinvesting.
    Active Involvement in Your Financial Life
    You can’t just set and forget a financial plan. Things change - both in your life and in the market. We pay close attention, provide timely advice, and help you optimize your portfolio on an ongoing basis. We coordinate with your accountants and lawyers as needed.

    Like good friends, we’re committed for the long haul.
2X Wealth Group Investment Minimums

Our clients typically have investible assets of $1 million or more. We also work with clients that don’t yet meet this threshold but are on a path to get there in the future.

Fulfilling your life goals
  • Incorporating your values
  • Giving you the confidence that your financial strategy is right for you
  • Paying attention
2X Tools
We use cutting edge financial software
  • Financial DNA™
  • eMoney™
  • MorningstarAdvisor™