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Emergency Medical SOS From Your Cell Phone
You can send an emergency SOS and allow first responders and medical personnel to find you and access important health information from your locked screen without unlocking your phone.  It may save your life.
NB: Be careful what information you make available on your medical ID phone screen as anyone who accesses your phone will be able to see this information.
For iPhones
Create a Medical ID
Once the information is set up, a first responder or good Samaritan can tap on Emergency in the bottom left hand corner of a locked phone screen and access the information.
Enable your Emergency SOS
It may allow your phone to call first responders and provide your location.
Click on About Emergency SOS & Privacy to learn more
To Use Your Emergency SOS
For Android Phones
Create a Medical ID
Set up an emergency contact from your locked Android phone:
SOS features vary quite a bit for Android phones, but if your phone doesn’t offer one, you can always get a third-party app to do the job.  

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