May 30, 2019
Inspiration from San Francisco’s Most Influential Women
By Lori Zager & Lisa James
It was a pleasure to attend the San Francisco Business Times’ recent awards ceremony honoring The Most Influential Women in Business. The event recognized outstanding women leaders who work with public companies, large private companies and non-profit institutions. Nominees were evaluated based on their influence in their industries and communities, including board affiliations and other leadership roles.

The women in the room were inspirational and the career tips provided insights into relevant themes that impact women in today’s dynamic business climate. Their advice, which follows, focused on six ideas important to women (and men) as integral workplace concepts.

Courage – It is important to speak up about issues of importance and encourage others to do so as well. The act of being courageous and asking for what you want empowers women to take on larger issues and projects and increases levels of self-satisfaction.  

Collaboration – As a group with a common bond, today’s working women find strength by working together. Surround and support yourself with the best people and think in terms of ‘we’ not ‘I’. Help young women dare to dream even bigger.

Trust – Women should trust our instincts, be trustworthy, and show diligence. Remember that karma counts.

Passion - Strong women are persistent and confident. Show up and always do your best.

– Regardless of age or experience level, women should never stop learning, being curious, or trying new things. Be a change agent for the world.

Kindness – Be Humble. Be Yourself. Be Kind. Show Compassion. Kindness does wonders and makes the world a better and more peaceful place.

In addition to this great advice, we would add “Don't Sweat the Small Stuff” and prioritize what is important to you. Congratulations to all of San Francisco’s Most Influential Women. We all benefit from the work you do.

About The Authors –Lori Zager and Lisa James are co-founders of 2X Wealth Group, an Ingalls & Snyder, LLC team. Their passion for helping other women, many of whom are underserved in the investment world, inspired them to create a group dedicated to women’s financial empowerment.

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